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  1. What is "Unclaimed Property"?

    Unclaimed property is money that IDACORP, Inc. would like our customers/suppliers to claim. Checks have been issued, but not cashed. IDACORP, Inc's unclaimed property consists mainly of uncashed customer refunds and deposits left behind when people move.

  2. I have found my name on the list. Now what do I do?

    If you find that your name or your company name is on the list, fill out one of the forms on our Contact page.

  3. I cannot find my name on the list but am sure IDACORP, Inc. owes me money. What can I do?

    Check the Idaho State Tax Commission Unclaimed Property website. It lists unclaimed property that IDACORP, Inc. turned over to them. If you still cannot find your name, then fill out one of the forms on our Contact Us page.

  4. How long does IDACORP, Inc. keep the money?

    Depending on the situation, IDACORP, Inc. keeps the money from three to eight years. The money is then turned over to the states. The State of Idaho lists their unclaimed property on a website,  Idaho State Tax Commission Unclaimed Property. Other states may have a similar site.

  5. Do I get interest back with this money?

    Sorry, IDACORP, Inc. does not pay interest on unclaimed property.

  6. I type in my keywords and click on the SEARCH button but nothing happens. What should I do?

    Your browser may be an older version or it has JavaScript disabled. works best with Internet Explorer or Netscape, version 3 and above.

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